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 Truly understanding the need and the intention of the client is most essential in our process. Only by comprehending the client’s need along with other factors such as code and environmental limitations, can a creative form be made. Ample and efficient communication is the most significant tool aiding in this process, and that is why we build trust through transparent communication. When we are able to successfully clarify the vision for the project, we continue our conversation with consultants, city engineers, and GC with regards to avoiding any potential issues. We find that this dedicated process of communication is key to a successful project.


 We strongly believe that commodity encompasses everything from the logical development of programs and the economy, to the integrated systems of the built environment. In the SD phase, both structural and mechanical aspects of the project must be developed alongside aesthetic design for economical and efficient planning. Perfecting the design intent with considerations in constructability comes along in our CD phases, where we refine our drawings with attention to detail while cross-checking with the engineers to reduce any chances of error in the further advancement of the project. An RFI is essential in any process of a 2-dimensional drawing becoming a reality in the construction process, thus we consider RFI especially in the final stages as our top priority. Keeping with these principles and processes, we deem that the best of commodities can be created.


   Most projects end up focusing on the financial numbers. The Client aspires for the best outcome from a specified budget, and our goal is to deliver such an outcome. With this focus and goal, more often than not, one easily falls into the pit of only creating an environment based merely on code requirements and efficiency of planning. However, we must not forget the importance of the value that lies in the communities that we create. With the contextual conditions and ordination of each project in mind, we intend to find unique solutions to imbue a sense of community by adding a contemporary addition or by blending into the existing urban fabric.

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